Number of tiles

How many tiles are there in This is quite common question and answer was provided by developers. Total amount of the tiles is 5.1 trillion (5,100,000,000,000) which is really a lot! However users are not able to buy this amount of tiles and maximum number of the tiles which can be bought is 50 billion (50,000,000,000).

Tiles compared with real world data

Now we know the numbers so lets compare tiles with data from real world. There is total 510 million km2 which is 149 million land and 361 million water. Based on this there is 1.49 trillion land and 3.61 trillion water tiles in Earth2. With these information we can calculate number of land tiles for some countries.

Number of land class tiles

Russia: 16.377 billion
Antarctica: 14.000 billion
China: 9.326 billion
USA: 9.147 billion
Canada: 9.093 billion
Brazil: 8.460 billion
Australia: 7.633 billion
India: 2.973 billion
Argentina: 2.736 billion
Kazakhstan: 2.699 billion

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