Why purchase land in Earth2.io

Most of the users of Earth2.io saw one of many Facebook ads which got their attention. Some people jump right in and some will be hesitating before first purchase of the land.

Nobody can predict if this project will go big or just disappear eventually but what was your thoughts first time you heard about Bitcoin? Nobody could predict what will happen and there are now many millionaires around the world just because of Bitcoin.

Same thing might eventually happen with project Earth2.io because now there is quite many people who purchased land and some countries are even out of Class 1 tiles. If you still hesitate you can start small. There is many countries where land tiles cost only 0.10 USD which is very low price. Spend few bucks and buy piece of your virtual land it might cost you now 10USD for 100 tiles which might be worth much more in the future. I think it is small price for the risk.

You can also purchase your first land with 5% discount. Just use code XNZCEGEKYT when you will purchase land.

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NOTE: Information on our website are collected from various sources. Creators of Earth2.io are giving away very few information so most of the content on this website is based on Facebook and Discord comments and discussions.