What will happen in the next phases

Project Earth2.io is currently in Phase 1 which is basically all about land tiles – buying, selling and receiving land income tax. Many people focuses mainly on purchasing tiles in a big cities and lucrative places in today’s world like Eiffel tower, Facebook HQ or International Airports. But will this matter once we enter Phase 2?

World map in Earth2 is based on real world so it would be easier for users (and simplier for developers) to understand where are their tiles on the map. But in the upcoming Phases all the buildings will be erased and there will be only land. So what happens when you purchase Las Vegas? You will probably own nice piece of desert.

Developers also shared information that some significant landmarks might stay also in later Phases. We have no idea what it will be but I suppose that something like Pyramids.

Phase 2 should be mainly about generating resource on purchased land and trading with other players so probably the land still won’t be wiped out but Phase 3 is coming with Terrain system which means it will be wiped out in the phase 3 or sooner.

So jump right in and buy your piece of land with 5% discount using this code: XNZCEGEKYT

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NOTE: Information on our website are collected from various sources. Creators of Earth2.io are giving away very few information so most of the content on this website is based on Facebook and Discord comments and discussions.