Ultimate guide for Earth2.io

Everything you need to know before purchasing your first land on new Earth2.

Earth2.io is new trending project which started in november/december 2020. There is still quite few information from developers so I decided to prepare biggest guide which will help all the players to understand everything we know so far. Lets get started!

What is Earth2.io

This is quite simple question but it is much harder to answer. Earth2.io is concept for virtual Earth which will be same as the one we live on but in virtual reality. Developers plan to roll out this project in phases and to get to the phase where we could walk on the new Earth in virtual reality might be years in the future so they decided to start slow with Phase 1.

Game basics

Yes, the Earth2.io is supposed to be new game. In this phase it is all about purchasing, selling and owing your piece of virtual land but in the next phases players should be able to build on their land.

Registration and login

First step is to create your account and log in. This can be made simply from registration / login page where you click on Sing up link. You don’t have to use you personal information because they only need to fill email and password. After successful registration you can log in and start buying land.

Account settings

When you log in to your account you should head to your settings and make some changes. Change you username – the best is to put your discount code with your name so the players you will exchange codes in the future can easily find it. My example is below where you can see my discount (also my net worth but this information is public and will be explained later). 

It is also recommended to top up your account using PayPal. There were some problems with game availability so purchasing from your credit is faster and more reliable.

Your discount code

Every player has unique discount code which can be shared and used by another players to get 5% discount on new land purchases. This cannot be used for marketplace but only new land. Code can be found in the settings under Referral code.

Land on Earth2

Game is now in the Phase 1 which is all about buying, selling and holding land around this virtual world. I will explain everything you need to know about land and what to do with it.

Buying land from the grid

Land can be purchased directly from the map or from another player in the marketplace. Purchase can be made directly from The Grid when you click on Buy land after login. Prices are different for each country and depend on the number of sales and market. When buying land from the grid you will always pay Market value. Main advantage is that you can choose tiles you want.

Discount for new purchase

When buying land from the grid you can use 5% discount code XNZCEGEKYT so you can purchase it cheaper. You can copy discount code for your purchase below.

Where you should purchase new land

There is no definite answer right now. Game is in its early stage and most of the countries will grow in prices eventually. The most expensive country is and probably will be for a long time USA so you can purchase some tiles in the US or choose some other trending country like UK, China, Japan, Canada. It is up to you.

Land Classes

There are three main classes of land tiles in the game (maybe 4 but not sure). Class 1, 2 nad 3. Land tiles with Class 1 are most valuable because they generate biggest Income tax and might be also more important and valued in the next Phases. There is limited number of Class 1 tiles which should be 100,000 for each country. Then every new purchase is lower Class 2. You cannot see which class you purchase from the grid before purchase itself so the best way to determine land class in selected country is from the Marketplace or Country statistics where you can see what classes are for the sale or how many tiles country have.

Country statistics where you can see number of tiles boght.
Marketplace where you can see land class for each offer.


Land can be sold only to another player using marketplace. This is important part of Earth2.io where you can find some interesting land tiles with discount and also sell your land and the withdraw your funds. 

Selling land on marketplace

When you want to put your land on the marketplace go to your profile and click on Edit / Sell link. Then you can choose price and click on checkbox Advertise in Marketplace. Most players will be purchasing land below market value so you should probably give some discount.

Purchasing from Marketplace

Purchasing from marketplace is the best way to save some money. Just go to the Marketplace, click to View your prefered property and then click on View, Buy or Bid. Then you can see tiles for sale, history and you can make your bid or purchase property.

Pump and dump - false discounts!

Sometimes when you go to Marketplace you can see very big discounts like 90% and more. This is caused by Pump and dump practice. These spikes will disappear after a while so check value as mentioned below.

False discounts.

When you see very big discounts you should go to detail of the property and check New land value where you can see actual price of the property. As you can see on the picture below, discounted price (22USD – 90%) is higher than actual new land price so this land is not discounted at all.

How to make money with Earth2.io

Ok, lets be honest, we are using / playing Earth2 to make money. I will explain basic ways how to do it.

Buy low - sell high

Basic way to make money is by selling your land. You can buy some land tiles, hold them for a while and when the price will grow you can sell it for more money. This can be made only using marketplace. Information are described in the Marketplace section.

Income tax

Each tile in the game generates income tax. When new purchase of the land where you own some tiles is made you will get income tax. Value of income tax is based on land classes. Class 1 generates biggest income taxes and these taxes are credited once a day (might be delayed now because of server issues). All the taxes can be found under transactions in you account.

Income tax under transactions tab.

Referral purchase

Another way is to share your personal discount code to another players. When they make new land purchase you will be credited referral bonus which is 5% of land price amount.

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