How to make money with

Most of the players registered for in the Phase 1 to make some money and to ensure that once it goes big they will profit. In this article I will explain how to make money with


Purchase your land

First things first. To make some money you have to spend some money. Without land you cannot have proper income. Login to your account and Buy some land from The Grid or the Marketplace. You can use 5% discount for new land purchase at the bottom of the page.

Income tax

This is the basic and automated way to make money. Once you purchase your land in some country you will be credited small amount with every purchase in the same country. Income depends on the Land Class so if you own Class 1 you will get more income than Class 2 or 3. Nobody knows exact percent of the income tax but it depends on the number of tiles sold and tiles purchased. Income tax can be checked inside Transactions in your account.

Buy low sell high (Marketplace)

Second and more profitable way is to sell your land. In this early phase most lands will increase value so just wait and then put your land on the Marketplace. Make sure you will give some discount because you have to sell great place or put some interesting discount to make your sale.

Referral codes

Third option is to spread the word about and share your referral code with friends. Every time someone uses your code for New Land Purchase you will be credited 5% of the amount for purchasing land. Your personal code can be found under Settings in your Account.

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